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mostly transformers prime, occasionally tfa and g1. maybe beast wars. who knows


Soundwave giving people bunny ears with his tentacles when they’re not looking

Airachnid getting her longer legs tangled up

Smokescreen running into walls because he forgets to turn the Phase shifter on

Taller Autobots tripping over Arcee

Starscream hitting people with his wings


animorphs is just a beast wars highschool au

if this shit about tfa getting more content turns out to be real it had better include a solid focus on sari’s origins

ozymidas said:
12, 19, 20, 15

12. favorite transformers figure?


my beautiful namesake

19. favorite transformers pairing?

sometimes i just think about tfp optimus and ratchet being space married and i want to cry

20. least favorite transformers pairing?

tfp megastar is PRETTY BAD but i also get pretty skeeved out by tfa blurr/shockwave. it’s not even the “shipping a character with their murderer” thing that gets me the worst (because that has the potential to be an interesting tragic ship tbh) its how the fandom seems to constantly mischaracterize blurr to make him appear more vulnerable and needy than he is in canon and how there’s almost always a power imbalance in shockwave’s favor. ick.

15. favorite transformers memory?

i have a lot…. making jokes about starscream being a bug with marco. watching seasons 1 and 2 of tfp with cosmo. brainstorming for the office au with amber and isaac. i just love talking about transformers with my friends

Anonymous said:
7, 17, 22

17. favorite version of starscream?

obviously tfp starscream is the best written, best acted, most engaging, and prettiest of all the starscreams. but g1 starscream holds a very special place in my heart for being possibly the most fundamentally hilarious character i have ever encountered in fiction and also for being the thing that kept me coming back to g1 when i was first watching it (to the point where i almost quit my marathon after he died). so i guess it’s a tie

22. least favorite decepticon?

g1- i hold an unfair amount of hatred towards galvatron because he killed starscream. like, it was perfectly reasonable to kill starscream. i dont know why he didnt do it earlier. but it still meant i had to sit through an entire season with barely any starscream in it and that is unforgivable.

beast wars- tarantulas was the fucking wooooooorst what an absolute dick. but at least he ended up getting a spectacularly horrific death

tfa- idk. lockdown was pretty despicable. mostly it just pissed me off how sentinel making deals with him wasnt treated as the worst thing ever though, especially after all the shit he put ratchet and prowl through specifically.

tfp- megatron is a great villain but hes awful and i hate him

3-7,11, 24

3 through 7?? uhh

3. what was the first show you watched? first episode?

the first show i watched was g1, and the first i saw of it was actually the movie! i watched it with my friend cosmo and one of my (former) roommates last semester back when i knew nothing about transformers. we had a pretty good time. (i also fell in love with the soundtrack and “the touch” became one of my favorite motivational songs. still is). a few months later i ended up marathoning g1 and the rest is history

4. what was your first transformers figure?

according to my mom i owned transformers toys when i was a kid, even though i dont think i ever watched any of the cartoons. i cant remember any of them, though. the first toy i acquired after fully descending into Robot Hell was a tfp starscream minifig, which isaac bought for me :)

5. autobots or decepticons? why?

it depends on which continuity youre talking about. tfp and tfa would be autobots but g1 and beast wars would be decepticons. for the former two it just boils down to “the autobots are a big family and the decepticons are jerks”. for the latter two it’s just because the decepticons are fucking funny (and usually have better designs lol)

6. who is your favorite autobot?

again, it boils down to what continuity youre talking about. in g1 its optimus, beast wars its cheetor, tfa its sari (yes she is an autobot dont fucking talk to me), and tfp it’s probably bee or ratchet but i seriously love everyone so much my mind keeps changing

7. favorite decepticon?

i think we all know the answer to this one

11. out of all of the movies, which one is your favorite? why?

the g1 movie, hands down. the bay movies are fucking atrocious (i think age of extinction is the best one and even then i could barely sit through it in the theater) and i cant even think about predacons rising without getting horrendously sad. the g1 movie was my introduction to the series and it has the BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER and i love the garrish 80s colors and it’s just fucking fun to watch. ive seen it like five times

24. who would you rather meet, peter cullen or frank welker?

for one thing, in a choice between anybody and megatron im probably always going to pick the person who isnt megatron. for another, peter cullen seriously has one of the greatest voices ive ever heard in my life why is this a contest at all

buttastic said:
26, the most important question

26. who is the most hot transformer?

i think knock out has the best face but soundwave has the best body. however, optimus has those amazing hips and a stellar personality to match

hiccupkin said:
14 but not optimus, 21, 29

14. if you could meet any character from any show, who would it be? but not optimus. you asshole.

obviously i would want to meet somebody from team prime! im thinkin bumblebee. i think we would have a nice time

21. least favorite autobot?

sentinel prime (tfa). also possibly least favorite tf character, period

29. crossover you want to see?

honestly i think it would just be cool to see versions of characters from different continuities just all interacting with each other. like imagine taking every bumblebee and putting them all in a room together. imagine sari and raf swapping bees for a day



1. When did you join the fandom?

2. What was your first experience with transformers?

3. What was the first show you watched? First episode?

4. What was your first transformers figure?

5. Autobots or Decepticons? Why?

6. Who is your favorite Autobot?

7. Who is your favorite Decepticon?

8. If you were a transformer, what would your alt mode be? Why?

10. Favorite transformers show/game/comic?

11. Out of all the movies (including g1 and Predacons Rising), which is your favorite? Why?

12. Favorite transformers figure?

13. How many transformers figures do you have?

14. If you could meet any character from any show, who would it be?

15. Favorite transformers memory?

16.Favorite combiner team?

17. Favorite version of Starscream?

18. Who do you hope appears in the next transformers show?

19. Favorite transformers pairing?

20. Least favorite transformers pairing?

21. Least favorite Autobot?

22. Least Favorite Decepticon?

23. Least favorite transformers universe?

24. Would you rather meet Peter Cullen or Frank Welker?

25. Who is better: Blaster or Soundwave?

26. Who is the most hot transformer?

27. Do you read any transformers comics? What do you think about them?

28. Who has better boobs: Soundwave or Shockwave?

29. Crossover you want to see?

30. What do you like about the fandom?